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Try Our Dog Day Care, Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services!

Multiple Dogs / Animals- Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home -
Dog Medication - Dog Transport - Dog Feeding

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In the UK many Pet Parents spend most waking hours with their dogs. There will always be a time dogs have to be without their pet parent. Whether it be for work, health appointments, visiting friends, family or to go on holiday, someone needs to care for our dogs in our absence.

Our Dog Day Care operates Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Dogs can be collected from your home or delivered to our day care facility. We have a maximum of 5 dogs at any one time. Whilst in our care they have access to our many site facilities. Please contact us for an initial assessment and discuss availability.


Not all dogs can access group Dog Care services. This may be because.......

  • You prefer your Dog to have 1-1 time and attention?

  • You have multiple Dogs or animals that require care in your absence?

  • Your dog suffers from Separation Anxiety?

  • Your Dog is Fearful, Reactive or Aggressive to other dogs?

  • Your Dog has health or mobility issues so it cannot be free with other dogs?

  • Your female Dog is in season and cannot be free with other dogs?

  • Your Dog is an intact Male that is not permitted in commercial dog groups?

  • You have a pregnant female Dog that needs special care?

  • Your Dog need to learn to spend some time alone but still be cared for?

  • You want to work on your dog’s focused Dog training at every opportunity?

  • Other Dog Care options are not available or suitable in your area?

New customers receive an initial assessment visit by Lorraine the proprietor of MSDH and the designated Pet Sitter / Dog Walker to discuss your needs and ensure we can care for your dog as you would like.

Whilst some dogs can be securely left alone for a few hours, MSDH can ensure your Dog has access to:

  • Dog Food and Access to Water

  • Access to Toilet Areas

  • Dog Walking, Running, Dog Exercise

  • Dog Stimulation, Games, Communication

  • Attention and Companionship.

  • Prescribed Medication (when needed)

  • Dog Grooming

  • Someone checking on the Dogs safety and wellbeing

Please contact us if you would like to book our Pet Sitting or Dog Walking services.


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