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Stowmarket Dog Groomers - All Dog Grooming Services

Full Groom - Brushing - Bathing - Clipping - Scissoring - Hand Stripping
Coat, Beard, Head styling - Teddy Bear Cut - Poodle Cut - Clean Face - Top Knot - Kennel Cut - Lamb Cut
Shaved - Teeth Cleaning (not descaling) - Eye Stain Removal - Ear Cleanse & Hair Removal - Nail Trimming Anal Gland Excretions - Quick Wash - Dry Trim - Parasite Treatment

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Dog Grooming Specialities at Stowmarket Dog Groomers

Full Groom

A full make over for your dog, ensuring your dog’s coat is in great condition, no nasty smells from ears and neat nails to prevent long term damage and infection. A full groom includes;

  1. Brush

  2. Bath

  3. Clip, Scissoring or Hand Stripping

  4. Coat/ Beard, Top Styling

  5. Blow Dry

  6. Nail trimming

  7. Ear cleaning and plucking

  8. Eye stain removal



An essential task at home and at the groomers to remove playtime debris and check for pesky fleas, ticks, and parasites. De-shedding and de-matting are all part of the grooming process. Please note that dogs that arrive with extensive matting will be clipped at a low grade for health purposes. We will not persist with de-matting if it is not in the dog’s best interests.

If clipping is not possible due to matts being too close to the skin, anus, eyes, or genitals veterinary treatment may be required.



This can range from a quick wash, to a scented aromatherapy shower, or hygiene cleanse for parasites.



Using clippers to remove excess hair from your dog is often the most quick and neat solution. Clipping can be carried out at a variety of lengths. Our equipment is high quality and low noise. However, if your dog is sound sensitive, scissoring will be considered. Not all dog coats are best clipped. Your requirements will be discussed on arrival. Please note, the method by which we trim a dog’s coat is decided by the groomer unless a specific request is given.



Scissor cuts are best used long hair or for face, ears, tail, and toes but can also be the preferred method for more anxious dogs. Your requirements will be discussed on arrival.


Hand Stripping

Hand stripping removes the top layer of a dog’s coat to allow for the coat underneath to grow. Hand Stripping is effective with

wire coated breeds. It is not successful if the dog’s individual undercoat is not suitable for this method of hair removal.

Your requirements will be discussed on arrival.


Coat, Beard, Head Styling

To finish off any good dog groom a little style goes a long way. You may have a favourite cut for your dog or have seen a style that takes your fancy. You may be looking to groom for practical, working or even dog show purposes.

Your requirements will be discussed on arrival.

Teddy Bear Cut

Leaves more hair around the face

Poodle Cut

Short fur along the body and longer hair on the

top of the head and neck

Clean Face

Fur remains on the dog’s head but is short around

the mouth, eyes, cheeks, and nose.

Top Knot

A furry puff of hair on the top of the dog’s head, longer than the rest

of the body maintaining a clear definition between the neck and ears.

Kennel Cut

One length all over usually a shorter length but it is up to

the dog parent’s preference.

Lamb Cut

Short hair on the body, longer hair on the legs.


Often reserved for extremely matted dogs for health purposes.

Teeth Cleaning (Not Descaling)

Not a descale but a thorough gum massage and teeth clean with a variety

of natural and flavoured toothpaste.


Eye Stain Removal

We use a veterinary grade eye wipe to remove and melt away

uncomfortable eye discharge.

Ear Cleanse & Hair Removal

We apply a veterinary ear wash, wipe, and pluck/ trim excess

hairs on the ear canal opening. 


Nail Trimming

Important for long term foot health to prevent splits, cracks,

infection, long term structural foot damage.


Anal Gland Excretions

Remove the irritation and unpleasant smells from your dog’s rear end. Emptying the anal glands will provide relief to your dog

and save your carpet!


Quick Wash

Getting through the mucky months of winter can be tough when you have a dog. Do you have a dog that loves muddy puddles, rolling in animal carcasses or diving in ponds and streams?

A quick no fuss wash with a quick blow dry is offered to keep the dirt at bay.

Dry Trim

Is the top knot now overhanging or does your dog’s feet resemble a mop head? Is your dog’s tail picking up every stick it sweeps past? A dry trim offers a quick tidy up of your dog’s coat.

This is largely a scissor cut and will not be offered for your dog’s main body.

Please discuss your requirements on arrival.


Parasite Treatment

To ensure the safety of the dogs that attend the salon and the handlers that meet your dog, we ask that dogs are checked for parasites before attending our salon. If parasites are found during the grooming process and can be treated an additional charge will apply. If the parasites found cannot be treated at the salon the grooming process will be stopped and you and your dog will be referred to the vet. Grooming charges will apply for the work carried out.


Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming is offered within your home for exceptional circumstances where it is not appropriate to bring your dog to our salon. The service is available if:

  • Severe behaviour is exhibited by the dog due to grooming or travel anxiety.

  • If the dog has an ongoing medical or health issue that inhibits its usual activity.

  • If you as the pet parent experience health, mobility, or exceptional transport issues.

Home grooming is considered where a dog exhibits aggression related to grooming or human contact.

Please contact me for a discussion on how we may best support you and your dog. Please specify Mobile Grooming when you book online. We can travel throughout Suffolk.

A mileage charge of 45 pence per mile and an hourly rate for travel of £15 will apply.


Additional Purchases

We hold several products on site which you may view and purchase on arrival. If additional services are required on arrival that have not been booked online these can be paid by debit / credit card or cash payment. Due to the appointment booking system we cannot guarantee the additional service can be offered if time does not allow.

Dematting a Dog at Stowmarket Dog Groomers
A Full Groom at Stowmarket Dog Groomers
Dog under the Blow Dryer at Stowmarket Dog Groomers
Eye Cleanse at Stowmarket Dog Groomers
Nail Clipping session at Stowmarket Dog Groomers
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