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Puppy having Heal Training at Dog Training Workshop

Puppy School - Basic Training
Basic Training The Next Level
The Heel & Recall Workshop
Adult Socialisation
One to One - Intensive Training
Tackle Your Fear of Dogs
Calm Your Reactive / Aggressive Dog
Dog Sports & Young Handlers Academy
Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Dogs ready for Puppy School

Dog Training and Dog Care

Flyball Group at Stowmarket Dog Training Group
Dogs Waiting for One to One Dog Training Sessions
Group Dog Training at Mid Suffolk Dog Handling Workshop
Flyball Training at Dog Training Classes

"Do you need the techniques and confidence to manage your dog wherever life takes you?"

"Did you learn to train your dog in a secure classroom but

struggled to put it into practise

in the outside world?"

Recall Training at Basic Training Classes

Puppy School 

Basic Training 

The "Heel" Workshop

The "Recall" Workshop

Adult Socialisation

One to One

Have your Dog Trained!

"Intensive training"

Pre-School & Primary School

Community Zooms 

Tackle Your Fear of Dogs 

"Why not contact me now

to find ways we can help your dog be

fit, healthy and happy"

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Basic Training Hand signals to Puppy
Bella at the Basic Dog Training Workshop

Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers is about to bridge the gap!
Those experienced dog owners will know that the most relevant

dog training takes place in real life scenarios.

That is why Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers train dogs out and about in the real world.

In co-operation with local town councils, Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers are one of the first local organisations to train classes on a variety of open and fenced public fields.

"Using safe tools and techniques, realistic timescales to achieve your goals

and a plethora of positive behaviour shaping methods, you will be astonished at your dog's ability to communicate."

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