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Dog bites are largely unmapped and unreported in the UK.

Whilst associated hospital admissions circa three thousand a year,

dog aggression, canine behaviour and responsible dog ownership

is a topic that needs to be addressed with the wider community. 

Through working with schools, children and families we hope to

teach some essential Do's and Don'ts around dogs.

Whilst illustrating dog body language, safety guidelines,

responsible breeding and when to seek help for your dogs behaviour,

we hope to reduce dog bites and those dogs requiring re-homing.

Pre- School, Primary & Secondary School
Short school assembly or class presentations are 
offered to raise

awareness to young children or teenagers most at risk from a dog bite.

Through fun play, movement, techniques and fun facts we teach children how to safeguard themselves. Consideration is given to children that are fearful of dogs. The content is carefully created and delivered.

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