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Dog Trainer teaching recall training

Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers and Stowmarket Dog Groomers

Dog during Dog Training during Puppy School

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Dogs at Stowmarket Dog Grooming

Spending most of my life passionate about dogs has resulted in one thing.....A fulfilling career working with owners and their dogs in the most positive environment you can imagine. I am a lucky lady!

Having followed the dog world since I was a child, I voluntarily studied canine behaviour, genetics, breed histories, training methods and canine sports.

Completing a Canine Psychology course at the Animal Care College in Ascot was the beginning of my professional dog career. Membership with the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme and further study with the Kennel Club offered a great wealth of knowledge.

Further study and practice in Tellington Touch, the TACT programme and re-homing environments have offered great insight into behavioural therapy.

I have trained dogs on a part and full-time basis since 2004. I am truly fortunate to have worked with up to 60 dogs a day during our peak activity. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every family and believe I have learnt as much from them as they have from me.

Now in 2020, I have achieved 3 Diplomas covering Dog Behaviour, Dog Grooming and

Dog First Aid and continue to study alongside many of the leading dog trainers and collaborative organisations.

Dog Grooming has become my most recent passion and somewhat of a habit!

There is nothing quite as rewarding as removing those hard to reach mats, gaining

the cooperation of our fury friends and being able to improve a dogs experience of


For those dogs that have a long road to recovery from grooming trauma, the

methodologies of Tellington Touch, a careful hand and a patient long term strategy offers

a positive path to being handled.

Our Groom Room is a bespoke Dog Grooming Salon in a home from home environment.

We can groom all size of dogs from Miniature to Giant and all breeds with differing coat requirements. Only one dog will be on site for grooming at any one time except for

instances of multiple dogs from one household. This gives us the opportunity to offer

your dog the best dog grooming experience possible in a calm, natural environment

without the hustle and bustle of a commercial salon.

If your dog shows us that it needs to take a break, it can have an on-lead walk in our

garden, stretch its legs, and enjoy a treat or two before finishing the groom. 

Wherever possible your dog will wait for you in the indoor enclosure rather than

a crate and will always be accompanied by a handler.

Your dog will be loved, respected, and considered whilst in our care.

My own dogs have taught me many lessons over the last 20 years and fuelled the desire to progress communication between dog and owner.
Through continued professional development and sheer intrigue, the skills, understanding and services offered through Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers shall only grow. 

All our services are offered with training instruction sheets, access to our online learning or written guidance where a need is identified. Our training venues vary depending on the class requirements.

We endeavour to provide you with the most relevant training using real life scenarios and

proofing your dogs responses (where possible) to an array of distractions and situations.

With a maximum of 10 in a class.

Whilst we work hard during each session, it is still an incredibly relaxed,

fun atmosphere. Retaining a sense of humour along with

a little perseverance is sure to get you through the training process!


Meet our Team of Pet Sitters / Dog Walkers.







 All members of our team are DBS checked, trained with MSDH, hold qualifications in animal care or have extensive experience with dog ownership or dog fostering.

Please contact me with any queries:

I look forward to meeting you.

Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers
Lorraine Baker
32 Chilton Avenue

IP14 1LB 
01449 257453
07557 768275

at Puppy School during Puppy Training
Dog Training session at Fly Ball course
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