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dog being groomed by dog groomer

News Updates - 13/10/2023
Change of Venue!
Dog Classes starting 11th November
Stowupland Dog Meadow & Mobile in the Community
Book and Pay online.

Dog Groomers logo for Stowmarket Dog Grooming Services

Stowmarket  Dog Groomers

Full Groom -
Brushing - Bathing - Clipping - Scissoring
Hand Stripping - Coat, Beard, Head styling
Teddy Bear Cut - Poodle Cut - Clean Face
Top Knot - Kennel Cut - Lamb Cut - Shaved
Teeth Cleaning (not descaling)
Eye Stain Removal
Ear Cleanse & Hair Removal
Nail Trimming - Anal Gland Excretion
Quick Wash - Dry Trim - Parasite Treatment
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Costs and Details

Dog Training logo for Dog Training and Dog Obedience Services

Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers

Puppy School - Basic Training
The Heel Workshop - The Recall workshop
Adult Socialisation
One to One Intensive Training
Tackle Your Fear of Dogs
Calm a Reactive or Aggressive Dog
Dog Sports & Young Handlers Academy
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Courses & Workshop Dates and Times

"For all Dog Grooming & Dog Training enthusiasts"

Balla at Dog Training classes

Welcome to Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers and Stowmarket Dog Groomers.

A site for dog enthusiasts in Stowmarket, for new dog owners

and anything dog related. 
"Stowmarkets" FIRST all encompassing

Dog Training and Canine Sports facility.


In 2020 we are stepping out into Stowmarket Dog Groomers.

A specialist dog grooming service that is focused on the practicalities

of dog grooming and considerate of the potential stress and emotional

impact of grooming related trauma for dogs.

This site aims to entice you into the captivating world of canines.

With just a few clicks it will become clear that we tackle real dog issues

head on. Yes, we grab the bull by the horns or in this case .... the dog by the Schmackos.

With canine welfare and developing socially acceptable dogs 
being at the top of our 'To Do' list,

all our dog grooming and dog training services are aimed at reaching the community.

We attend schools and community groups to teach and foster our ongoing relationship

with dogs along with 1-1 sessions for those fearful of our canine friends.

"Shaping Behaviour for Life"    That's what we're talking about! 

To learn more about our ethos at Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers and Stowmarket Dog Groomers,

                  please see our 'About Us' page.

        *Dog Sports Training Classes*

dog at Dog Grooming for Full Puppy Groom
Free Community Zooms
Coming Soon!!

"Live, Learn and Enjoy your dog for life!"

This is a 1 hour evening seminar without your dog. These sessions are offered via Zoom online video conference and open to people across the country. With guest speakers, questions and answers and a feeling of community and a common interest.

 Join our Zoom Members Group 

 It's FREE! 

Book your upcoming "Community Zooms Now"

"Lots of fun with Mid Suffolk Dog Handlers"
Dog Training at the Dog Sports sessions
dog Training at the Flyball class
Intensive Dog training and Obedience Classes
Flyball at Stowmarket Dog Training


We operate specifically as an out of usual office hours service.

Please see our Book Dog Grooming & Dog Training page for available appointments.

Monday – Friday

12pm – 2pm and 5pm - 8pm

Saturdays – 9am – 5pm

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